Bree: Welcome to the Elite Force A.N.T Academy! We are your mentors.

(Someone knocks at the door)

Paisley: Anyone want a dumphone?

Adam: I'll take a look at it.

Bree: I'm glad you're here Paisley. I'm gonna have fun working with you.

Paisley: Thanks! Your brother is cute

Adam: You're not so bad yourself.

Paisley: Maybe after work we can hang out.

Adam: Sounds good to me.

Douglas: Chase, I'm so glad your here! I've got a bit of a problem.

Chase: What's going on Douglas.

Douglas: When you fixed my vision, I've started to notice it's not the way it was before I got blasted.

Chase: Don't worry, I'm gonna fix that.

Douglas: Thanks.

Chase: So, how's Leo. Is he still evil?

Douglas: Nope, he got cured.

Although he's not like he was before.

He hangs out with Tasha alot.

Chase: She told me Mr. Davenport went to prison. What happened?

Douglas: After Davenport Industries shut down, he got accused of stealing alot of money. He's gonna be there for 3 years.

Chase: That's terrible!

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