Welcome Back, Charlie is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of The Adventures Of Skylar Storm, and the 3rd episode overall. It features the return of Gabe and Teddy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie. It is also the equivalent of the Lab Rats: Elite Force episode The Attack.


June 29, 2016

Centium City

(They super speed home)

Bree: (gasp) Fatal Error, Fatal Error

Oliver: Bree?

Chase, what's wrong?

Chase: Her Bionic chip is overloaded with all those bionic abilities in it, that's why she was glitching. I'm going to extract her chip

(Chase extacts Bree's chip)

Bree: Fa-fa... What happened?

Skylar: We had to extract your chip. You're a normo now

Bree: Oh well. Let's do this Kaz

(Kaz gets on his laptop)

Kaz: I have a twin brother!

Bree: Really, who?

Kaz: His name is Gabriel.

He's coming to visit tommorow with his older sister Teddy!

Bree: Cool

Screenshot 2016-09-08 at 5.45.04 PM-0

Chase: I just got a mysterious phone call

Chase: There's a lady who wants to meet me

Her name is Reese

Bree: A lady wants to meet you? Weird.

(The doorbell beeps. Chase opens the door. It's Reese.)

Reese: Hello Chase

I am Reese

I'm such a huge fan

Chase: Thank you. Would you like something to eat?

Reese: That would be wonderful, Chase

(Chase gets a snack while Reese gets out her phone)

Reese: Commence Operation Blackout!

Bree: Did she say...what?

Oliver: I think she said "blackout"

Which means that the power's out

Bree: Then she said (power goes out)

(Kaz uses his fire power as a torch.)

Bree: You guys fix the blackout. I'll stay with Reese

(They suit up and leave)

Bree: So, Resse, why don't we brush on the Star Wars timeline before Chase gets back

Reese: I hate Star Wars

Bree: We'll were gonna talk about something

Reese: How about how I'm going to kill you?

Bree: Stupid fatal error

Reese: You asked for it!

(Reese turns into an orange ball of light)

Reese: Glad I'm Roman and Riker's much more powerful sister!

Bree: I'm invincible so you can't hurt me!

Reese: Oh no you're not!

(Reese knocks Bree out cold and breaks into Mission Command)

(She grabs the list)

Douglas: What are you doing?

(Resse blasts Douglas' and makes him blind)

(Bree wakes up and looks at the hyperlift)

Bree: No!

Douglas: Bree, is that you?

Something horrible has happened

Reese broke into Mission Command, I tried to stop her-

It's awful, where's the team?

Bree: They're fixing the blackout.

I'll bring you upstairs on the couch

Douglas: Thank you

(They go upstairs)


Chase: Here's the Centium City Power Line

I'll prop it up with me molecularkenisis

Kaz: Or I could fill it with fire...

Skylar: No!

Kaz: Why not?

Chase: Because it will burn it (Chase attaches the power line)

Kaz: Humph

Oliver: The powers back on

Kaz: Why do I always have to miss out on the fun?

Chase: You stopped a pig that was trying to rob us. I'm pretty sure thats fun

Kaz: That's not as fun, as I don't know, Skylar miraculously always preventing her powers from being stolen?

Oliver: Kaz, maybe you'll cheer up soon. Your brother will arrive tomorrow

Skylar: Plus, They were never close to being stolen. Except that time when The Crusher and I were fighting The Anihilator. The Crusher lost his powers, and I saved him and destroyed The Anihilator using my laser projection

(Bree calls): Guys, come back home. There's something wrong

Chase: Coming Bree

(They geoleap)

Chase: What's the trouble?

Where's Reese?

Bree: She took the superhero list and blasted Douglas. She's the new leader of the Shapeshifter Alliance

Chase: Oh no

Bree: You go fight Resse, I'll stay with Douglas

Screenshot 2016-09-06 at 5.30.21 PM

(They arrive at 128th street)

Roddisius Jr.: I hear voices

Is that the Elite Force?

Leave our headquarters and your friends will be fine

Chase: Were not afraid of you

Oliver: Yeah, fight us

(Roddissius shifts into Bree)

Skylar: Give it up shapeshifter. We know your disguise game

Chase: Bring out Resse and her army

(Rodissius shifts back)

Roddissius Jr: My powers are far more advanced then my siblings

Here they are

Damage to me damages the person I'm shifted as

Mwa ha ha

Skylar: Explode ! (Rodissius explodes)

Chase: Now we can easily beat them

Reese: Not so fast

Chase: Hey! No one messes with my sister

(Chase activates laser bo)

(Resse activates hers)

(They engage in a duel and Chase wins)

Roland: There's still 10 of us

We have a cousin in Portland

Skylark uses electricity on them, which strangers them to death

Skylar: They're all dead, except that cousin in Portland. Let's check on Douglas.

Screenshot 2016-09-08 at 5.45.04 PM-0

Skylar: Bree, Douglas is everything alright

Bree: Yeah, we just need to cure Douglas. What do we do about the list?

Skylar: Now that the Shapeshifter Alliance is destroyed, we will be able to get it back easily. There's just one cousin of Roman and Riker in Portland then were done

Douglas: That sounds great

The next day...

Centium City

Kaz: I hear the doorbell, Gabe and Teddy

Gabe: Kaz!

Kaz: Gabe, Teddy!

Teddy: Hello Kaz

What's up?

Kaz: Nothin' much

Chase: Let's go to Portland and get that last shape-shifter

Everybody suit up

Kaz: You can come guys

Skylar: We'll just need to find you suits and blasters

Teddy: Alright

Gabe: I'm all for that


Bree: Great, you're all suited up

I'll stay here in Douglas' care

Gabe: There are two portlands in USA, which state are we going to?

Bree: Wow, you are not like Kaz

No offense kaz

Chase: We're going to Oregon


Chase: This shapeshifter's name is Naldo

Gabe: You wanna know something Kaz?

Kaz: Yeah

Gabe: Your name is Charles Kazimerias Duncan

Mom and Dad regretted giving you up

And named our little sister for you

Kaz: Wow, that is, awesome!

Skylar: I am detecting another bionic superhuman in the area

There she is!

Girl: Hi, do I know you?

Kaz: do i know you who?

Chase: Who are you?

Girl: My name is...

Well, I thought it was Cydney Ripley

But according to this birth certificate it's not

My name is Esther Davenport

Esther Cydney Davenport

You can just call me Cyd

Cyd: I'm the daughter of Douglas Davenport, apparently

You know who that is?

You look a lot like him

Chase: So that means, you're my sister?

Cyd: I suppose

Nice to meet you, bro

What are the names of my other siblings?

Chase: Adam, Bree, Daniel, and our step brother Leo

Esther: What brings you to Portland?

SaveLabRats has left the chat.

SaveLabRats has joined the chat.

3:28 Chase McFly ?

You there?


SaveLabRats has left the chat.

SaveLabRats has joined the chat.

3:52 Chase McFly SLR?

When can we resume

SaveLabRats has left the chat.

SaveLabRats has joined the chat.

4:03 Chase McFly ?

4:09 SaveLabRats hey sry for taking 2 long

4:09 Chase McFly It's okay

Esther: What brings you to Portland?

4:09 SaveLabRats Chase: Theres a shapeshifter villan named noland here

4:10 Chase McFly Esther: You don't mean Naldo do you?

4:10 SaveLabRats (sorry ill correct it to naldo)

Chase: Theres a shapeshifter villain named naldo here

4:13 Chase McFly Esther: That's my boyfriend

's name

4:13 SaveLabRats Chase: We need to know if he works with the shapeshifter alliance

4:15 Chase McFly Esther: I'll ask him


Esther: He demands to speak with you

4:18 SaveLabRats Skylar: Where is he?

4:18 Chase McFly Esther: His house is a few blocks away

4:18 SaveLabRats Skylar: lets go

4:19 Chase McFly It's black and a bit scary


Oliver: Here it is!

I'll open the door.

Sound good guys?

4:19 SaveLabRats (whhich character said that its black & scary?)

Chase: Be careful it could be a trap

4:20 Chase McFly (Esther)

4:20 SaveLabRats k thx

4:20 Chase McFly Gabe: why do you think that?

4:21 SaveLabRats Chase: We're used to fighting with the shapeshifter alliance, they're very decietful

4:21 Chase McFly teddy: I'll provide back-up

Let's make a plan

Weponry12 has joined the chat.

Weponry12 has left the chat.

4:24 Chase McFly (Weponry, leave this chat alone please)


You there?

4:25 SaveLabRats (me or weponry?)

4:25 Chase McFly (You)

4:25 SaveLabRats yeah im here wry

4:25 Chase McFly (Let's resumne)

4:25 SaveLabRats *sry

was i rude?

4:26 Chase McFly

4:26 SaveLabRats k

4:27 Chase McFly Teddy opens the door

Naldo: You must be the Elite Force

I'm preparede...

Whose your leader?

4:29 SaveLabRats Chase: Skylar and I

4:29 Chase McFly Oliver: And me in emergencies

4:29 SaveLabRats Chase: when was that?

4:30 Chase McFly Naldo: Back up against the wall or goodbye to your friends

4:30 SaveLabRats Skylar: explode!

4:30 Chase McFly Skylar: when you got knocked out and imposted

Naldo: You killed my family!

Prepare to die!

Naldo fights and then explods

4:30 SaveLabRats Gabe and Teddy shoot rapid fire

4:31 Chase McFly Esther: Did you have to kill him?

4:31 SaveLabRats Chase: We had to he was gonna destroy us and the rest of the superheroes.

Weponry12 has joined the chat.

4:31 Weponry12 hello

4:32 Chase McFly (Hi Weponry)

Weponry12 has been banned by SaveLabRats (undo).

4:32 Chase McFly (PM)

SaveLabRats has ended the Chat ban for Weponry12.

4:33 SaveLabRats im so sorry weponry

lets continue

4:34 Chase McFly Esther: I understand

Good luck back in NY

My friends Barry and shelby will understand

4:35 SaveLabRats (centium city)

(i changed it)

4:35 Chase McFly (I meant to put NJ)

4:36 SaveLabRats (ok sry)

4:36 Chase McFly Oliver:Let's head home!


Notes & trivia

  • This is the equivalent to the EF episode The Attack.
  • Kaz's real name is Charles, making him the titular "Charlie".

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