• SaveLabRats

    When I was making infobox for the page of the shapeshifter villain Roderick, I went to put in Relatives. As I was about to add Naldo, whom we saw in the second half of Battle for the Heroes, i realized that it would be impossiblee for Roderick to have a cousin. That is because he is just a duplication of Rodissius with different features. This renders Naldo to be an unnessacary character. Without Naldo, there is no reason for the Elite Force to go to Portland, Oregon.

    Since we are taking this part of the episode out, we also have to take out the return of Teddy and Gabe Duncan. I know that a post-GLC episode is something we were all excited about. Here's the thing, if we keep Gab and Teddy, we will also have to keep the confusion of the ide…

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