Under Siege is the 4th episode in Season 1 of The Bree Chronicles.

Plot synopsis

June 29, 2016

Centium City

Bree: Guys, the Bionic Academy is under attack!

Chase: By whom? How did you find this out?

Bree: Leo FaceTimed me, there was a guy in a mask

Oliver: Maybe it's Mr. Terror or some other villain

4:49 SaveLabRats Bree: Whoever it is we have to get there fast

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 11.55.33 AM

Leo: Who is here at the academy?

I think we have trespassers

Who is it?

Leo: If you have permission to come here, please say the password

And we'll know you're legit

Bree: Don't worry Leo, this is Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar part of our new team

4:58 Chase McFly Leo: How can I trust you?

You could be impersonators

Please say the password

Oliver: (whispers) chase whats the password


Oliver: DonaldisAwesome101

Leo: Yay, it's you gu-

Bree: Leo?

Voice; Sorry, your brother has been cut off

Bree: What? Who are you?

5:03 Chase McFly If you wish to meet me, please step on the

Floor mat that reads "Live"

Skylar: It's a trap

Kaz: How are you so sure?

A giant plasma grenade falls from the ceiling and knocks out Chase

Oliver: Chase!

5:05 Chase McFly Bree: Oh no, what do we do?

I'll feel his pulse.

(touches him)

Chase's body feels very cold

Skylar: So, we have no idea who were dealing with

Bree: Wait a minute...

That voice

Let me try to impersonate it

Bree: Chase, get up

Chase gets up

Chase: Master I am here

Where are you?

Bree: What?

Chase: You...

Impersonating my master like that?

Must annihilate

Oliver: Chase is evil!

Chase conjures up electricity

Chase: Yep. And it's awesome!

Skylar: everybody duck!

Chase fires the laser sphere, but it hits a cupboard

Chase: Darn you, Elite Force!

I shall have my revenge!

Chase blasts through the ceiling

Oliver: Bree, who do you think made Chase evil?

Bree: We have to ask him who his "master" is.

Skylar: Here's a space portal

we must find Chase

(They enter the portal and arrive at a boating dock)

Chase: Oh no, looks like somebody spilled a little oil can

Let's make it better

Chase begins to expand the oil

Chase: Ha ha ha, nobody can stop me!

Kaz: Now what?

Chase: You four!

What do you want from me?

Bree: We want to know who's your master

Chase: You know what falls out of clouds?

Bree: Yeah?

Chase: Add an R to it.

Bree: Krane? We blew him up in space!

Chase: That was not Krane.

Bree: Oh.

Chase: No, you are mistaken.

(voice becomes Krane's)

You think you defeated Scarlett?

Oliver: Yes!

Krane: Ha, Leo never facetimed you

I have been holding him captive in a subway station

With everyone else at the Academy

Skylar: your not chase, where is the real chase

Krane: I have him here in this jar

His crumpled body, at least

You want him back?

Make a sacrifice

Then Chase will return

You have a three-week deadline to sacrifice somebody

So you will get Chase back

"Chase" leaves

Skylar: Who are we going to sacrifice?

Oliver: I think I know what subway station Leo and the others are captive in

Bree: 128th

(They head to the station and enter)

Leo: Go away, Krane. I'll never join you.

Skylar: Oh no.

Leo: Skylar? Oh my I'm so relieved.

Where's Bree?

Leo: Where's Chase?

Skylar: Krane took him

Leo: This is bad, how can we get him back?

Kaz: one of us has to sacrifice someone

Leo: maybe you can sacrifice me?

Bree: Why? You know what that means?

Leo: I know, to die. And I don't want to hurt you. I'm ready, when'll the sacrificing start?

Leo: (closes his eyes.) Ready for the sacrifice!

Bree: But you are going to die

Leo: It's all for Chase, I love Chase. Goodbye Bree.

Krane fires a grenade at Leo, who falls.

Chase then jumps through the roof, laser bow in hand and a jar of life juice. He slashes at Krane, who is defeated by Kaz and Oliver. He takes out life juice and pours it into Leo's brain.

Chase: Leo, wake up

Leo: Woah

Chase: You okay, Leo?

Leo: Yeah. Why was I not sacrificed?

Chase: You were sacrificed, Leo

Now you've been brought back to life

Leo: Oh I see.

Bree: Guys, you ok?

Kaz: Did we defeat Krane?

Bree:Yes we did

Kaz: Got it

They super speed home



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