The New Roman Empire, Part I is the 7th episode in Season 1 of The Bree Chronicles.


Oliver: Wow, look, the Colosseum

Chase, would you have liked to be thrown to the lions?

Chase: It depends on whether I would have bionics or not.

Oliver: I hear they have good Italian Custard

Let's go get see

Chase: Yeah

(They arrive at the store)

Oliver: Chase, did you have a favorite student at the academy?

Chase: I had a lot, they all impressed me how they could use their bionics to be heroes

Oliver: I heard that one student from the academy just disappeared. Did you know him?

Chase: Yeah

Maximinus, I think his name was

Oliver: Sounds like the Roman Emperor

Maximinus Thrax

Chase: That's crazy

My student ain't no emperor

Oliver: Right

Chase: Oliver, I'm detecting something odd

It's like movement on my bionic tracking app

Oliver: That's weird


Maximinus: Master, Chase Davenport and Oliver Ross have returned to Centium City.

Master: Go with an army to capture them

Maximus: On it boss

Oliver: Douglas, I think we have a problem

Chase is getting villain detector signals

Skylar: Someone must be tracking us here

Bre: Wait a second...

I see a video message

Let's see what it says

(They put it on the monitor and it plays)

Lexi: Attention Elite Force! You have no idea who you're dealing with. Say hello to my partner Maximinus.

Maximinus: After the Bionic Rebellion, I left to Italy to become the president there. A few weeks ago, I came across Lexi, and we formed an alliance. Together we will rebuild the old Roman Empire!

(The video message stops)

Chase: Everybody suit up!

(They get in their mission suits)

(They arrive at the city square)

Skylar: Look! Italian military planes

Bree: We have to use all of our powers to take that army down

(They fight)

Maximinus: Chase Davenport! Long time no see

(Activates laser bo, and Chase activates his. They engage in a duel. However, Chase's bionics are more powerful than Maximinus' and Chase quickly defeats him.)

Skylar: The Italian army is taken down. Centium City is safe

Chase: We just need to track down Lexi.


Adam: Lexi, Maximinus is defeated. The Elite Force will surely track us down.

Lexi: Don't worry. They have no idea what's about to hit them...




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