The Mindswap is the 8th episode of Season 1 of The Bree Chronicles; and the 8th episode in the series overall.

Plot synopsis

Bree: Team Meeting!

Team Meeting!

Kaz: Yes, my lady

Chase: What did you just say to Bree, Kaz?

Kaz: She's beautiful, I'm good looking, we're perfect together. You'll understand soon

Chase: No Kaz

You cannot go out with my sister

It's bad enough that Oliver and Skylar are dating

Also, are you inplying I'll never get a girlfriend

Kaz: Yeah

Chase: I will one day

You think being the smartest man in the world is fun?

Kaz: I would pass

Chase: Well, I sure wouldn't want to live your life

Touching everything

Being a weirdo

Kaz: I wouldn't want to be an old man who brags about geometry

Chase: Goodbye, Charles Kazimerias Duncan

Kaz: See ya later Chase

Boring Davenport

(The next day, Chase wakes up in a bed and he is Kaz)

Chase: Oliver, what am I doing in here?

Where's Kaz

(Kaz gets out of a capsule)

Kaz: Ready to find an element of the periodic table?

Chase: Aaahh!

Kaz, is that you?

(Kaz makes a lser bow)

Kaz: These scientifically logical bionic abilities are much more desirable to my aestetic tastes than the nonsensical ability to generate fire from my appandages. Wow, I sound like Albert Einstein, the great German Scientist who discovered relativity

Chase: Why is he talking like that?!

Oliver: Because, Kaz, he's highly intelligent

Chase: What happened to me?

Oliver: I'm not sure, kaz

You seem to have been born with a learning disability

Chase: I am Chase Davenport!

Oliver: Yeah, right Kaz


Bree: Hey Kaz

Chase: Bree, you know how yesterday I said I would want to live Kaz's life. Well, now I am!

Bree: Yeah right

Say something only Chase would know

Chase: I'll be right back

8:55Chase McFlyBree: Okay, kazzy

Chase: Kaz, or Chase or whoever you are, remember how you said you wouldnt want to live Kaz's life? Well now you are! I'm Kaz!

8Kaz: Yada yada

Listen here, Chase

I am enjoying this brand-new intellectual existence with all of its fascinating powers

Chase: Give me myself back!

Kaz: I don't know how

Maybe Oliver has the mind-swap device

That we used when I saved your life

(Kan goes to Oliver)

Kaz: Oliver, do you by any chance recall the day we met-I mean, you met Bree and..I?

Oliver: Yeah?

Kaz: So, there was a mind-swap device

Kaz and chase used it to swicth inteligence

Do you know where the device currently is Oliver?

Oliver: Uh... heh heh

Skylar: It's in Chase's capsule

Chase: Give it to me!

Oliver: Fine I'll get it

(Oliver gets the device)

Oliver: Here you go, Kaz

(Chase puts it on)

They swap back

Oliver: Which one of you is Kaz again?

Kaz: I'm Kaz

Oliver: Got it

Chase: Oliver, Why did you do this?

Oliver: Skylar, Bree, and I all worked together

We were mad at your arguing

So we gave you each other's lives

So you'd become friends again

Does that make sense?

Chase and Kaz: Yeah

Bree: How about a team hug?

Chase: Kaz, Bree, you have my blessing.

(They hug)

Bree: Now that that's settled, we need to track down Lexi.

Oliver: If Maximinus was in Italy, Lexi might be as well


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