The Bree Chronicles is the first episode in Season 1 of The Bree Chronicles.


Mission Command explodes, and only Bree and Chase make it out alive. They go to find Roman and Riker. They later learn that Oliver, Skylar, and Kaz survived. Leo and Adam help them get rid of Roman and Riker while Oliver heals.


  • Adam and Leo return in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Chase tends to get caught up in brain teasers.
  • From this episode on, Bree uses an iPhone instead of an LG Phone, which she was using in the EF Universe.
  • This episode shows the last time Adam and Chase were together before Adam came under Lexi's Triton App.
  • This is the first episode in the TBC Unverse made by Kidofilms; a non-profitable fan film company
  • This episode and the ones after it were released on YouTube.
    The Bree Chronicles-212:43

    The Bree Chronicles-2

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