Skylar was born in Premium, Caldera in 1592. In the 21st century, she moved to America, and became a notorious superhero. In 2013, she and another superhero, The Crusher, were fighting the villain The Annihilator. During this battle, The Crusher lost his powers, but Skylar was able to destroy The Annihilator.

Afterwards, Skylar took The Crusher to Mighty Med Hospital to get his powers restored. In the meantime, Skylar became a doctor there. A few weeks later, Skylar met comic book fans Kaz and Oliver, who also became doctors at Mighty Med. Overtime, Skylar fell in love with Oliver (who also had a crush on her.) At one point, Skylar, Kaz, and Oliver worked together, and successfully restored The Crusher's powers.

Later on, Skylar met Bree Davenport, who came to Mighty Med, because her brother Chase got injured by The Incapacitator. Skylar teamed up with Bree to defeat The Incapacitator, while Chase stayed in Mighty Med to be cured.

Months later, after Skylar, Kaz and Oliver defeated the villain Mr. Terror, they found out that Mighty Med was destroyed. It was also around that time when Kaz and Oliver got into contact with the Arcturion Space Rock; and got several superpowers. Skylar contacted Donald Davenport to create The Elite Force with Bree and Chase.

They got together in Centium City. Soon after, the team found out that the villains who destroyed Mighty Med were shapeshifters Roman and Riker; who set out to destroy every remaining superhero. In response, the team created the superhero list to warn the superherores about Roman and Riker. However, Roman and Riker found out about this, and made a plan to take the superhero list.

In The Bree Chronicles, The Elite Force was separated by Roman and Riker. Thinking that they were dead, Bree and Chase went to The Lab in California to restrategize, while Kaz and Skylar stayed in New York; they were taking care of Oliver who got internally injured from the attack. After Bree and Chase found out Skylar and Kaz survived and Oliver recovered the Elite Force reunited.


  • Unlike her EF counterpart, Skylar never lost her powers.
  • Also unlike her EF counterpart, Skylar was a doctor at Mighty Med with Kaz and Oliver along with being a superhero.
  • Skylar is immune to explosions (unless she explodes from the inside). This is the same for the rest of the Calderans in the TBC Universe.
  • Skylar and Oliver are married.
  • Scattered Everywhere is the first episode is the TBC Universe showing Skylar with short hair.

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