Scattered Everywhere is the second episode in season 2 of The Bree Chronicles.


Bree: Something weird is happening

people all over the country are paying taxes to the Lexian Empire instead of here.

Chase: The Lexi might be behind this

Kaz: I agree

Olive: what do we do?

Bree: The triton app is controlling them. It's coming from a tower on top of the Bionic Academy.

Olive's phone rings.

Fletcher: Hi Olive

Olive: Not much

Fletcher: something wierd has happened

My grandmother is acting weirdly

I think she's being mind controlled

Oliver; who is calling?

My ex bofriend Flecther

Oliver: Who does everybody call me Fletcher?

I'd like to see this "Fletcher"

Who everyone mistakes me for

Olive: If you come here, we can figure out what's going on.

Fletcher: Sounds great.

Bree: I'll use my super speed to get him.


Fletcher arrives

Fletcher: Hi, chyna!

(hugs Chyna)

Wait, who is that?

Oliver: I'm Oliver

You must be the Fletcher I've been hearing about

Fletcher: Nice to meet you

I wonder why you loook like an older version of me

Oliver: So do I

Kaz: I am tracing your lineage in this online genetic tester

Fletcher you are not a Quimby

You are a Ross

Oliver is your brother

hes two years older than you

Fletcher: Cool

Well, Oliver, I guessI'll look up to you now

(they go to the Academy)

Leo: Halt who goes there?

Kaz: (as Lexi): These are...prisoners. I'm Lexi.

m lexi

Leo: Oh, alright

You aren't the Elite Force right?

(Leo gets out his tablet and makes the tower geoleap away)

Kaz: Nope

Leo: The neuroimperium tower is right in the center of the academy

Please make sure it has not been tampered with Lexi

Kaz: guys what does tampred mean?

Oliver: Disturbed

Let's just go, what's the worst that could happen?

Also, you can shape shift back to yourself now

Kaz: Ok

(Kaz shape shifts back)

(They go inside)

Chyna: It's gone!

Bree: I knew it was a trap

8:08 Chase McFly Leo: You tedious fools!

9comes in through teh roof with gun)

8:09 SaveLabRats Kaz: How dare you talk back to your master?

8:09 Chase McFly Leo: Yeah, right

Leo: I see you are Kaz

Taste my wrath!

(blows beam of light, scatters team everywhere)

(Oliver is in Alaska)

(Kaz is on the west coast of Mexico)

(Skylar is in a lake in Zagreb, Croatia)

(Bree is in rome)

(Chase and Fletcher are at the pyramids)

(Chyna and Olive are in the Duncan house)

Oliver: Where am I?

It's so cold.

Oliver's phone rings.

Kaz: Oliver, where are you?

Oliver: According to my GPS, I'm in Alaska.

Where are you?

Kaz: In a beach in western Mexico. I'll come get you.

Oliver: Thanks buddy.

(Kaz flies and gets Oliver. They go to Mexico.)

Oliver: Now we have to find everyone else.

(Skylar falls in the lake and quickly swinms to the shores.)

(She calls Bree.)

Skkylar: Bree, you ok?

Bree: Yeah I'm in Rome.

Skylar meet you there.

Bree: Sounds great.

(Oliver and Kaz meet Bree and Skylar)

Olive: Where are we? My head hurts.

Amy: In a lovely home. My name is Amy Duncan.

Chyna: Amy Duncan? Where's Kaz Duncan?

Amy: I'll call him.

(Kaz's phone rings)

Kaz: Hey mom, what's up?

Amy: Are Chyna Parks and Olive Doyle part of your team.

Kaz: Yeah, you found them?

Amy: They fell in the house a few minutes ago. I'll send you my location so you and the rest of the team can pick them up.

Kaz: Sounds great.

(They get Chyna and Olive and go to the pyramids where they find Chase and Flecther)

Olive: Guys, somethings wrong. I think I lost my talent.

Bree: What do you mean?

Olive: I still have common knowledge, but I can't remember the stuff I learned.

(Olive points at the Pyramids)

Olive: What is that? How did it get here? What's that shiny thing on top of it?

Chase: I'm going fix this, I promise.

Olive: Thanks Chase. So how to we stop the Triton App?

Chase: I'm gonna locate it with my bionic scan.

(Chase scans)

Chase: The tower is on top of Z-Tech.

Bree: Let's go get it.

Skylar: I'll create a space portal so we can get there.

(They go to Palo Alto)

(Zoltan is in front of the building)

Zoltan: Halt, who goes there?

Bree: We're the Elite Force. Don't you remember us?

Zoltan: In the name of Lexi and Rome, you're my enemies.

Oliver: Zoltans evil!

Bree: Fly up there to turn it off)

(Oliver turns it off and gets back down.)

(The tower is sending beams of energy, which makes it fall down on Z-Tech. A piece of rubble hits Zoltan. The prodigy school is safe.)

Bree: Oh no, Zoltan!

Zoltan: Bree, give the company to Apple. Rebuild Mission Command. Start new A.N.T. Farm. Good luck, Elite Force.

(Zoltan dies)

Bree: We have to go to the nearest Apple store to spread the word.

(episode ends)

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