Roman and Riker are two of 13 chirldren of the shapeshifter Rodissius. Unlike humans, Roman and Riker weren't born; Rodissius multiplied himself into 13 beings, including Roman and Riker. Thus, Roman and RIker are linked to Rodissius. If Rodissius dies, they become copies of him.

Weeks for before the beginning of The Bree Chronicles, Kaz and Oliver had to take away Rodissius' powers to save his life. Roman and Riker vowed revenge on them for making their father powerless, because they think that being powerless is worse than being dead. Thus, the destroyed Mighty Med Hospital, taking out many superheroes. After that, they set out to hunt down every remaining superhero.

Weeks later, The Elite Force created the superhero list to warn the remaining superheroes about Roman and Riker. When Roman and Riker found out about this, they realized it was their perfect opportunity to destroy the rest of the superheroes. However, after a fierce battle, the Elite Force stopped them. After this, they made a created a better plan to distract the Elite Force, so they could make the superhero list.

In The Bree Chronicles, Roman and Riker were able to create a diversion to keep out the Elite Force. However, the tables were turned when Adam geoleped to the Dvenport Tower Penthouse to warn Bree that Roman and Riker were trying to trick the Elite Force. With Adam's help Bree defeated Riker and Rodissius. Back in Mission Command, Oliver defeated Roman using his newly unlocked superpower, electricity.


  • Shapeshifting
  • Multiplication
  • Heat Vision
  • Energy Blast
  • Fire Power
  • Duplication (not the same as multiplying)
  • Super Strength

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