Return of the Vista is the season finale of Season 1 of The Bree Chronicles. It is also the 9th episode overall.

Plot synopsis

Bree: Guys, there's something wrong with the cyberdesk

Oliver: What is it?

Bree: It keeps giving me error messages

Chase: Oh no, maybe it was hacked

Oliver: Do you think it was Lexi?

Skylar: The one who made the video?

Chase: Impossible. That girl is a joke

Bree: Whoever it is, we need to be careful

Oliver: Maybe we can take a closer look at the software

Douglas: Guys, I just talked with my brother, and Davenport Industries is losing customers by the hour

Oliver: oh no

That means it's closing!

Douglas: It's true. Everyone' swicthing to Apple and their new iPhones

Chase: We can't let them!

What do we do?

Bree: Chase, one thing, just because you have the ancient Davenphone doesnt mean we can't enjoy the stunning iPhone

Chase: I like using phones with alot of buttons

Skylar: Either way, we need to find who did this. Davenport Industries sponsors us

y Oliver: Sky is right

We must work secretly

Locat ethe source of this hacking

Maybe an analysis of the computer code

Bree, try logging in again

Bree: I'll do that

(Bree gpes back to mission command)

Oliver: Bree, is the error error message there?

Do not chnage anything

Time to use my analyzer eye to see where this is from

You guys know about my new superpower?

Bree: Yeah, it's really neat

Oliver: That's weird, this software is Olympics Vista. It's been unsupported for two months!

Skylar: And it's also rooted in california

Kaz: Chase, what does it mean by Olympics

Chase: Olympics is the OS Davencomputers run on

Bree: There must be someone in California trying to take us out

Oliver: Hold on, Chase- scan that map will you?

6:02 SaveLabRats (Chase scans the map)

6:02 Chase McFly (Oliver anayzes)

Oliver: Oh no

Chase, can it eb true?

California seems to be not California anymore


Lexian Empire/

Bree: Luckly its just california, but we have to stop it from spreading

Chase: Oliver was right about Lexi

Skylar: We have another problem. The military force isn't made up of normos, they're bionic soldiers.

Oliver: Oh my

But what abvout the academy?

Bree: Let's call Adam and leo

Chase: Great idea

(Chase gets out his phone)

Leo: Hello? Who is it?

No, Lexi, I will not join you

You can take my brother but not me-


Thank goodness you called

I am in California in a sort of reconditioning center

I'm allowed my cell phone

I am scared guys

Come save me!

Bree: Everyone suit up!

Oliver: On it

(Oliver flips over and now has his suit on)

(Skylar and Kaz do the same)

Chase: Why are you superheroes so cool?

s Kaz: It's just what we do. of course, Bree is just as cool as us

Chase: This is getting ridiculous!

(They arrive at California)

Bree: Here's the plan

Chase is gonna use his bionic scan to detect adam's chip then we go there, but we have to be very quiet

Kaz: Can I burn a house as a distarction?

Chase: Here's an idea Kaz, if your in love with Bree, why don't you listen to her

Bree: Chase is right, we cannot harm any civilians

Kaz: alright

what do I do?

Chase: I know where Leo is!

he's in in that facility

We could go get him

Bree: Let's do this

(They go to the faciility)

Voice: If you do not have the retina of the authorized personell you may not come in

Oliver: What do we do?

If only we had Lexi..

(Kaz turns into lexi)

he looks at the scanner

It recognizes his retina

Bree: Nice job

6:50 Chase McFly kaz: Thanks

The door opens

Kaz: Excuse me,

(reads nametag)

Fred, but I need to move Leo Dooley

To a new chamber

may I have the key to his room?

Fred: You can go

Kaz: Good

(They go in)

Kaz: Hmm...

Leo is in room 3L


let's get him

Leo: No need.

Bree: Leo, you're okay!

Leo: But you won't be for long

(leo throws a laser shpere)

5:34Chase McFlyChase: Leo what's wrong?

What did Lexi do?

Leo: She took control of me and Adam weeks ago

I work for Lexi now

Kaz (Lexi): Leo Dooley

You must be moved

Leo: Give it up Kaz, I know its you

Kaz: Who is Kaz?

I'm Lexi Reed

Leo throws a laser sphere at kaz, causing kaz to shape shift back

Bree: How is this possible?

Leo: It's simple, when Krane escaped Davenport's space colony, he disgused himself as Dr. Gao and faked his arrest.

afterwards, he realized he would be an international enemy.

Oliver: Is Krane connected to lexi?

Leo: Yes, she is her niece

when krane returned to earth, Lexi contacted him and they went undercover to restore the original bionic army

when you destroyed krane at the academy, Lexi came and reactivated the triton app on all the bionic soldiers, as well as me and Adam

Chase: All our hard work with the students is gone?

Leo: Mmm-Hmm

Kaz: This is unbearable

Bree: We have to go back to mission command

Kaz runs off, they arrive in Mission Command

Oliver: So now what?

(Adam shows up on the monitor with a explosive remote)

Adam: Ha ha ha

You tedious fools

Leo and I aren't coming back

There's just one more thing I need to do

The bomb goes off

Chase: grab on!

(they geo-leap out),



  • This is the season finale of Season 1 of The Bree Chronicles.
  • Due to taking place in an alternate universe, the last episode of A.N.T. Farm takes place in 2016; even though it was released in 2014 in real life.
  • The title nods to the recent discontinuation of Windows operating system called Vista, which came with many problems.

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