Not My Present is the 6th episode of Season 3 of The Bree Chronicles.


Oliver, Douglas, Skylar, Fletcher, Olive, Chyna, Angus, Leo, and Daniel  find that their actions in the past caused a horrible alternate reality, where Kaz is a tough, smart, funny rebel who leads a Resistance against the evil Dr. Gao, who rules the town, Oliver has been committed, and Skylar still lives on Caldera.The town of Centium City is a black,desolate, treeless landscape. Bree, Chase, and Adam are instead exiled children of Victor Krane. Adam is a brilliant scientist, but Chase always steals his spotlight with his popularity.They need the help of these three alternate versions and the alternate ANTS to stop Krane from being in power once and for all. However, disaster strikes when they get back to the past. Inadvertently, a series of events leads to Leo and Chase merging into a single person!

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