Kaz and Oliver have been superhero fans for most of their lives; until they discovered Mighty Med Hospital and became high-ranked doctors there. He even became best friends with famed superhero Skylar Storm who was also a high-ranked doctor at Mighty Med.

A year into their career, they came across a villan called Mr. Terror, who was searching for the all-powerful Arcturion Space Rock. When they failed to stop Mr. Terror after he got the Arcturion, they realized that they came into contact with it, giving them several powers.

At one point the trio managed to defeat and imprison Mr. Terror. However, when they did, they found out that Mighty Med got destroyed. They contacted their allies, bionic humans Bree and Chase Davenport, and they joined together to create The Elite Force. Eventually, they found out that the villans who destroyed Mighty Med were Roman and Riker.

In The Bree Chronicles, Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar got ambushed by a heat surge, unleashed by Roman and Riker. Thinking they were dead, Bree and Chase went to The Lab in California to restratigize. However, Kaz (because of his immunity to extreme heat) and Skylar survived the attack. Oliver survived too, but was internally injured by the gas. Kaz and Skylar took care of Oliver until he recovered a day later. Later in the episode, Kaz and Skylar were reunited with Bree and Chase.

A day later, after Kaz realized that despite what Bree and Chase were led to belive, Roman was still in Mission Command trying to get the superhero list. Kaz rushed to mission command, and battled Roman in an attempt to stop him. At that time, Oliver had fully recovered from the heat surge.

Two hours later, when Oliver came to check on him, Kaz got blasted by Roman's Energy Blast. Incapacitated, Kaz told Oliver to defeat Roman. Secons later, Oliver defeated Roman, they went upstairs to tell Skylar about it.

Future Life

Kaz and his wife, Bree, had a daughter named Natalie. Kaz became a therapist and an analyst, but was fired after doing CPR on a sleeping man. Kaz became self-conscious, and accidentally stumbled upon an acting troupe at Donald's party. He now wants to be an actor, but his extreme focus on that is messing up his and Bree's relationship.


  • Fire Power
  • Heat Vision
  • Flight


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