Headquarters of Horror is the 3rd episode in Season 2 of The Bree Chronicles.


Oliver: How the heck will we get our memories back?

Chase: If we shut the neuroimperium at its source, we will get them back

Olive: Great plan chase

But Leo tossed that neuroimperium far away.

Chase: I'll scan for it.

Chyna: I hope we can find it 

Chase: It's right by Z-Tech

Kaz: Let's go!

Fletcher: Is there a fast way?

Skylar: I'll create a space portal

Oliver: Good idea Sky

(Skylar opens the portal)

Olive: Ladies first

(They go in)

(They arrive at Z-tech)

Chase: Z-Tech's over there, let's go

Fletcher: This place looks different.

There is a huge tower on top

Zoltan: Halt who goes there

Chyna: Mr. Grundy it's us

Zoltan: You must be the Elite Force. Prepare to die

Olive: But we're your friends

I'm your best student...Zazow

Oliver: Um..

Grundy: In the name of Lexi and Rome, your my enemies

Oliver: Why does it say Horrotech on the building?

Kaz: That's not true

Kaz: Mr. Grundy, Rome is dead. Where is the tower?

Mr. Grundy: You're not getting anywhere near it

Kaz (forming fire) And why not?

Bree: Chase, mind if I see your bionic chip for a second?

Chase: Sure

Bree: Thanks

(Bree takes Chase's chip and then her phone. She puts the chip into a slot on her phone)

(She then goes to a chip alter app)

(She makes several improvements)

(she gives it back to Chase)

Bree: Chase, here, i fixed it, now 

You are rather powerful

And have new abilities

I also messed around with your commando app

Zoltan: What's happening?

Chase: Arrrgghh! Spike's back!

Scared Grundy? You should be

Zoltan: Why?

Chase: Arrrghh!

(Grundy walks away...)

(Then a teenage boy shows up)

Boy: You fools

This is the Horrorland now

Thanks to Lexi

All hail Lexi 

Chase: Settle down, punk! 

Boy: Whose gonna make me?

Chase: I could take out the greatest Roman general! Arggh!!!

(the boy falls)

Bree: Let's go deactivate the tower

Oliver: I can punch through the celling with my strength.

Skylar: Great idea

(Oliver flies and punches. The neuro imperium tower is visible. Oliver climbs into it)

Oliver: Don't worry guys, I'll be okay.

Skylar: Be safe out there

Oliver: Just going to hit this switch. I will be safe-I just caught a whiff of the neuroimperium..Lexi..Nooo!

(Oliver hits the switch)

Everyone in Z-Tech reverts to normal

Skylar: Oliver, great job!

(Oliver backs down)

Oliver: Thanks

Uh oh

Look at the tower!

(The tower begins shooting a huge green energy. The energy sucks up people who have not ben controlled yet by Lexi)

Bree: I'll blast it

(Bree blasts the tower)

Chase: Hurry Bree!

(People begin to fall into Z-tech)

The people bring a lot of green energy

Z-tech explodes, and Grundy's dead body is seen lying among the rubble, but the tower is gone and the team is safe.

Chase: Wow

That was scary

Let's hope nobody else died

Where do we go now

Bree: We have to work on our own

Oliver: That must be for the best.

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