Chase was seen in the beginning of The Bree Chronicles doing brain teasers, until Bree came from Mission Command saying how there was an attack, and that Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar were apparently dead. They went to The Lab in California to restrategize. Bree got every single bionic ability, and Chase got the ability to generate electricity. Afterwards, they found out that Roman and Riker were in Holiday Park, and so they went there.

After defeating them, Bree got a text from Skylar, saying that she and Kaz made it out alive. Back in Centium City, Bree found out that Oliver was alive as well, he was just internally damaged from the attack in Mission Command, and it's taking him a couple of days to recover. Therefore, they made a deal Bree and Chase will go on missions, while Skylar and Kaz take care of Oliver, until he recovers. Bree told this plan to Chase later in that episode.

One day later, Bree tells Chase that something is going on in the Pyramids in Egypt, so they have to take care of it. When they get there, Chase does a bionic scan of the pyramid, showing that someone is coming out, which turns out to be a pharaoh. Unknown to them, the pharaoh was actually Riker, and they never really defeated Roman and RIker in Holiday Park, those were just androids of Roman and Riker.

After a fight, Bree super-speeds to the Bionic Academy to get Leo so he can extract the pharaoh's powers. Meanwhile, Chase stays in Egypt, and sees that the pharaoh looked exactly like Riker, so he took a picture of him to show it to Bree later on. After the pharaoh's powers were extracted, Bree and Chase stayed in Egypt for about 15 minutes and looked at the pyramids. After that, they went back to Centium City, where Bree got a call from Skylar that Oliver fully recovered. At the end of the episode, Bree and Chase share a high-five.


  • Super Intelegence
  • Bionic Scan
  • Force FIeld
  • Telekinesis
  • Electricity
  • Geoleaping
  • Laser Bo


  • Chase is the smartest man in the world.
  • It is revealed in The Bree Chronicles that Chase has a habit of getting caught up in brain teasers.
  • Chase and Olive were married.
  • Chase is the chief design officer (CDO) of Davenport Industries after its reopening. This means that he will no longer be going on missions.
  • He is the widower of Olive Doyle after she died from ovarian cancer.

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