Along with her brothers Adam and Chase, Bree was one of the first bionic superhumans in the world. Their goal with to use their bionics to protect the it. In Season 1 of Lab Rats, Bree was introduced to their step-brother Leo. He moved in with his mom Tasha, who just married Donald Davenport - the team's organizer. The team became great friends with Leo, who frequently helped them on missions. Later in the series, when Leo became bionic, he went on missions with them.

In Season 2 of Lab Rats, Bree helped defeat Krane, and brought in his bionic soldiers to train the to be bionic heroes. During that time, she, along with her brothers, was a mentor at the Davenport Bionic Academy. In Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med, Bree got introduced to the superhero hero world. She became friends with Skylar Storm; along with her sidekicks Kaz and Oliver.

In The Vanishing, Bree got a bionic upgrade that made her abilities 10 times more powerful. At the same time, Mr. Davenport said that there was an emergency, so the team had to be split. While Adam and Leo stayed at the academy, Bree and Chase went with Mr. Davenport to Centium City to create a new team.

When they arrived, they found out that Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar would be joining their new team; which would be called The Elite Force. Skylar revealed that Mighty Med Hospital was destroyed, which took out a lot of superheroes. Fortunetly, Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar escaped. Bree also learned that Kaz and Oliver recently got superpowers. During their time together, Bree developed a close friendship with Skylar and started dating Kaz.

In Follow The Leader, Bree fills in as Mission Leader after Chase gets trapped in Mission Command, much to his annoyance. On the next mission, Chase traps Bree in Mission Command so she wouldn't be Mission Leader. When Bree escaped, Chase admitted what he did. Even though Bree forgave him and decided to keep what happened a secret, Chase felt bad about lying, so he told the truth to the whole team, and made Bree Mission Leader.

In The List, Bree completed the superhero list that would warn the superheroes about Roman and Riker, the villains who destroyed Mighty Med. However, they still found out about it. After a fight, Roman and Riker retreated.

In The Bree Chronicles, Roman and River remotely attacked Mission Command, but Bree escaped. Thinking that Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar were dead, Bree and Chase went to the lab in Los Angeles to restrtegize. There, Donald gave Bree and Chase extra bionic abilities, and, to further preserve the team, made them invincible and young forever. After that, Bree and Chase found out that Roman and Riker were at Holiday Park in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Bree and Chase fought Roman and Riker when they got there and seemed to have beat them. When resting on a bench, Bree got a text, and, to her surprise, it was from Skylar. It said that she and Kaz made it out Mission Command alive. It also turned out that Oliver survived as well. Overjoyed, Bree went back to Centium City with Chase and reunited the team.

The next day, Bree got a peculiar Mission Alert saying that something was going on in the Pyramids in Memphis, Egypt. Bree and Chase went to Egypt, and were very suprised to see a Pharoah emerging from the Great Pyramid of Khufu. After incapacitating the Pharoah, Bree went to the bionic academy to get Leo to extract the Phroah's powers. After that, Bree and Chase checked out the pyramids while they were in Egypt, and Leo went back to the acadmy with the pharaoh.

Two hours later in Centium City, Bree was delighted to see Adam geo leap in the penthouse. He said that Leo wanted to tell her that the pharoah she and Chase fought was probably a "bad guy". When they tried going into Mission Command to see what was going on, they were locked out. They went to the Lab in Los Angeles to see who was in there. Much to Bree's shock she found Roman in Mission Command. She says reieved to see Olivrer there defeating Roman, but there was still unanswered questions.

Bree rushed to the academy and brought the pharaoh to the Lab to be interrogated by Adam. It was revealed that Bree and Chase never defeated Roman and Riker in Holiday Park, just the androids in their place, and that the pharaoh wads actually Riker the whole time trying to distract Bree and Chase. It also turned out that Roman and Riker were working for Rodissius, and got his powers back via the Arcturion Space Rock. When Riker was taken out, Bree and Adam hurried to Holiday Park, and swiftly defeatd Rodissius.

In The New Roman Empire, Chase and Oliver had just come back from visiting Rome, and they had urgent new:someone was tracking Chase on his bionic chip. At the same time, the team got a video message from a girl named Lexi. She was with her bionic general named Maximinus, who trained at the academy two years earlier. They said that together, they are creating a New Roman Empire.

After that, Bree found out that an Italian air force was attacking Centium City, so the team suited up, and hurried to defend the city. In the midst of the battle, Bree came face to face with Maximizes in a laser bo duel. Since Bree got the bionic upgrade and Maximinus didn't, Bree swiftly defeated Maximizes, and the air force retreated.


  • In Follow The Leader, Bree becomes mission leader.
  • Bree is really good with technology.
  • Bree is a Star Wars fan.
  • In The Bree Chronicles, Bree is shown to have an iPhone 5. Accordung to SaveLabRats, she got an iPhone SE after the episode
  • Bree is the Empress of Rome.
  • Bree married Prince Henry of England after she became Empress.
  • Bree is tied to the British royal family by marrige.
  • Bree is the great grandaughter of a French immagrant in World War II


Before TBC

  • Super Speed
  • Super Agility
  • Turbo Leap
  • Invisibility
  • Vocal Manipulation
  • Energy Blast

Unlocked in TBC

  • Fire Power
  • Blast Wave
  • Heat Vision
  • Super Intelligence
  • Super Strength
  • Force Field
  • Invincibility
  • Youthfullness

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