Breaking News is the first episode in Season 2 of The Bree Chronicles. It only exists in Chase McFly's canon.


Oliver: Now what?

Chase: There's another place we can go to. I think it's called Z-Tech 

Bree: Yeah. Last year they set up a school for prodigies It's in Palo Alto, Florida. 

Skylar: Then we have to get there as soon as possible.

(They arrive in Palo Alto at Z-Tech) 

Bree: Wow, nice place

Oliver: It's not nice It's amazing! And it's huge

Chyna: Fletcher what are you doing here? And why do you look different? 

Oliver: What are you talking about? I'm Oliver

Chyna: Oh, sorry you look so much like this guy I know 

Olive: who are you guys?

Oliver: My name is Oliver Ross.This is Bree and Chase Davneport, Kaz Duncan, and Skylar Storm. We are an Elite Fore. Bree is our leader. 

Bree: So what are you prodigies of? I heard this was a place for prodigies 

Chyna: I'm a music prodigy, and Olive is an academic prodigy 

Chase: Oh, I like her 

Olive: We just met Chase. Interesting factoid, "like" is a word that can be used in several different contexts such as being happy around it.

Chase: I suppose because of our similarities it would be that I'm happy to be around you

Olive: That sounds logical, Chase

Chyna: Why are you guys here exactly?

Bree: Our sponsor company, Davenport Industries, is shut down 

Chyna: That's horrible 

Skylar: The only thing we can do is talk to whoever own this place

Olive: That would be Mr. Grundy 

Bree: is he here?

Chyna Yes, there he is now.

Mr. Grundy, this group's sponsor company has been destroyed. They need help!

Zoltan: Oh dear! We have to find out who did this. 

Bree: We already know do it, it's Lexi Reed 

Zoltan: Lexi? Lexi? She was a good student. A bit big-headed, and kinda selfish; but she had good grades 

Bree: You know her? 

Zoltan: Yes. She does write me letters every month. Well, not to me. To her boyfriend, but I take them. It is about the time I get her monthly letter 

Bree: it must be Adam 

Zoltan: Adam, that's it He hides in the basement of Z-Tech a lot. Very odd 

Bree: Do you mind if we see those emails? 

Zoltan: Here they are

Bree: Listen to this:

"Dear Adam, I hope your bomb got rid of Mission Command So the elite force would come here

Skylar: Lexi knew we would come here

Kaz: Now what do we do?

Bree: We have to fight him.(They run down and see Adam)

Adam (booming voice): Back away from the basement 

Bree: Never  

Adam: How do you want to die? 

Kaz: Let me handle this.

Kaz shoots heat vision Adam shoots his

Oliver uses his Cryo-body blast to take Adam down Adam blocks it.

Skylar uses her electrokinesis to electrocute him Adam geo leaps out 

Bree: Forget it If Adam wants the hard way We'll give him the hard way! 

Lexi: Did you take out the Elite Force? 

Adam: They will not give up 

Lexi: We must do something different...maybe lure them with an elaborate trap.


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