Blast to the Past is the 4th episode of Season 1 of The Bree Chronicles. It is the 4th episode overall.

Plot synopsis

July 25, 2017

Chase: Its gonna be ok doglas ill figure something out and tighten up security in the penthouse

Douglas: Thanks Ch-cough-cough-Chase

If you think of a way I can be helped, tell me, okay?

Chase: Ok

Kaz: Maybe his DNA's getting moldy

Chase: thats it someonme could get Douglas' dna from 1985 since he was 21 then

his dna will be back to normal

Oliver, Skylar, I'm picking you two

Oliver: Brilliant

Chase: The time machine is in the closet

Its called DavenTime

here's some instructions

Oliver: Skylar, look

Here is a destination layout

Centium City, New Jersey July 25, 1985

(They arrive in 1986)

Oliver: Look, Skylar, It's The Domain

So different

Skylar: I wonder if Mighty Med is still accessible from here in the past

Want to see it before we go help Douglas?

Oliver: yeah

They enter the closet and find MM, but its a bit smaller with less patients

Oliver: woah

Man; Hello there

Skylar: Hello

Do you know where I can find Horace Diaz?

Oliver: he should be somewhere in this hospital

Man: I'm busy at the moment. Tell him Argento stopped by

(Argento leaves)

Oliver: Argento, thats mr terrors former boss, remember?

Sylar: Oh noYes I recall

3:38 SaveLabRats Oliver: What do we do?

3:39 Chase McFly Skylar: I'm not sure

Did you see Argento's clothes?

3:39 SaveLabRats Oliver: Yeah

3:40 Chase McFly They look futuristic

3:40 SaveLabRats Oliver: They do

3:41 Chase McFly Skylar: Do you think he's?

3:41 SaveLabRats Oliver: What do you mean?

3:42 Chase McFly Skylar: A time-traveler like us?

Wouldn't that be weird?

3:42 SaveLabRats Oliver: I'mm starting to think so

3:42 Chase McFly Now to find Douglas

Back in 2017...

(Adam geoleaps in)

Bree: Hey Adam. What's up?

Adam: I'm gonna be visiting for a few days if you don't mind

Bree: Sounds great.

Back in the past...

(They go and look up Douglas' family. His dad answers)

Douglas' dad: Who are you guys?

3:46 SaveLabRats Oliver: We are...

3:46 Chase McFly Skylar: My name is Paris Berelc

And this is my boyfriend, Jake Short

3:46 Chase McFly Douglas' dad: Nice to meet you

I'm Carter Davenport

3:50 SaveLabRats Can I help you?

3:53 SaveLabRats Skylar: We are here to see your son douglas

3:54 Chase McFly Carter: He's in his room

(They go in and knock on the door)

Oliver: Wow, Douglas looks exactly like Chase.

3:55 SaveLabRats Skylar: Yeah

3:56 Chase McFly Douglas: Yes?

Who are you guys

3:56 SaveLabRats Oliver: Uhh...

Skylar: Im paris perelc and this is my boyfriend jake short

3:57 Chase McFly Douglas: Why are you here?

3:58 SaveLabRats Oliver: Because...

3:59 Chase McFly BRB

3:59 SaveLabRats k

4:00 Chase McFly Skylar: We're protecting your house

From this criminal named...

(Carter's screams are heard)

4:01 SaveLabRats Oliver: Robert

4:01 Chase McFly Argento comes down the halll

Argento: Alright, where's Douglas Davenport?

I heard you two discussing him

4:02 SaveLabRats Skylar: i think we just got followed

4:03 Chase McFly Argento: That is correct

Is the small, spiky-haired kid Douglas?

Give him to me

Or Carter here gets it

4:03 SaveLabRats Skylar: What do u want Argento?

4:04 Chase McFly Argento: I am going to employ Douglas at my advertising company

He'll LOVE the results

4:05 SaveLabRats Oliver: Yeah were not falling for that

4:05 Chase McFly Argento: Fine...

I'll find soemone else

Any ideas?

4:06 SaveLabRats Oliver: No

4:06 Chase McFly Argento: Well, then...

4:10 Chase McFly Argento: Fine then

I give up supervillainy

Skylar: Oliver why are you disappearing?

4:11 SaveLabRats Oliver: Because Argentos gone theres no EF

Skylar: Argento u have to be a villain take carter

4:11 Chase McFly Argento: No, i'll find someone else

4:12 SaveLabRats Skylar: Whoever it is you have to be a villain

4:13 Chase McFly Argento: Got it

Argento leaves and Oliver and Skylar fade back in

4:13 SaveLabRats Skylar: lets get douglas' dna

Oliver: Douglas, do you have any cuts?

Douglas: I got one on my arm from my brother

Oliver: We'll take it

Skylar: Thanks Douglas

(They leave and headhome)

Douglas: Did you bring the DNA?

Skylar: Yeah

(they inject the dna)

4:18 Chase McFly Douglas: I can see!

(Adam comes out of the hyperlift)

Bree: Adam? What are you doing in the hyperlift?

Adam: I have to go

(Adam geoleaps away)

Chase: Something wierd is going on

Adam: Good news, we can now directly spy on the Elite Force.

(Adam hands his master a tablet that shows the Elite Force in Mission Command)


Notes & trivia

  • This is the first time-traveling episode in the series.

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