At The Academy is the 26th-27th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats, as well as the series finale. It aired March 2nd, 2016. It is the 99th-100th episode overall. It is the only episode where neither Bree nor Chase nor Donald

appear, in fact, the main cast in the brand-new opening sequence says "Starring Spencer Boldman, Ashley Argota, Pearce Joza, with Tyrel Jackson Williams and Brandon Salgado-Tellis." Due to this new sequence and the missing characters, many fans believe it to be a Lab Rats-derived special and not an actual episode.


Adam tries bullying Leo with Chase gone, but has no success. Bob tries to get over Bree by dating Taylor. Daniel and Douglas have a great time bonding, until Douglas begins to call him and treat him like Chase. Perry suggests baby names to Tasha. Daniel also tries to adapt to his new role as a mentor and Adam decides to pretend Bree and Chase died.

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