An Independent Life is the 4th episode in Season 2 of The Bree Chronicles.


Bree: Well, we saved the world, but there was a lot if sacrifices. The thing is, the more we sponsors, the more we put others at risk. We have to work on our own from now on.

Chase, Olive, go to the prodigy school and gather all the A.N.T.s. We have to bring them to Centium City to start a new A.N.T. Farm.

Centium City

(They go in the penthouse)

Kaz: Home Sweet Home

Bree: It feels great to be back. Douglas is getting an apartment next to our's for the A.N.T.s. He'l be watching over them.

Chase: Great. Let's get Mission Command fixed.

(They go in the hyperlift)

Bree: The walls are fine, but everything else is damaged.

Chase: There's some backup equipment in the storage room.

Skylar: Great, Bree and I will go get it.

Chase: I'll use my molecularkinesis to open the tunnel.

(Chase opens it)

(Bree and Skylar superspeeds in and out and puts everything in place.

(Bree, Skylar and Chase activates them.)

Bree: Mission Command is up and running.

9Olive: Chase, can I have bionics?

Chase: Sure.


Chase: Olive, here is your bionic chip, It has super intelligence, plasma grenades, and geo-leaping

Olive: Thanks, Chase. It means a lot.

Bree: I talked to Chyna and Fletcher's parents, and they said we can give them bionics to join the team.

Ialso talked to the president earlier, and he gave us permission from the president to invade California.

In order tore conquer California, we have ti capture the capital city-Los Angeles

(They get to the walls of the city.)

(Bree, Oliver, and Skylar use their super strength to puch through it.)

(The bionic army comes out.)

(The team all at once blasts the army and takes it out.)

(They go to the lab through Skylar's space portal)

(Lexi raises her gun.

(Before Lexi can shoot, Bree uses her energy blast and takes her out.)

(Bree uses her override app on Adam, so the triton app doesn't control him anymore.)

(The battle is won.)

(The team shares a group hug.)

(episode ends)

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