In The Bree Chronicles, Adam was sent by Leo to Centium City to warn Bree about Roman and Riker. They went to The Lab in California to hack Mission Command, finding out that Roman was there. Adam interrogated Riker, revealing that he was working for Rodissius, and that Bree and Chase never really defeated Roman and RIker, and that the pharaoh was actually Riker.

When taking out Roman and Riker, Adam and Bree super-speed to Holiday Park to take out Rodissius. After defeating Rodissius, Bree and Adam high-five.


  • Adam is shown to be more like Kaz than his Lab Rats counterpart.
  • Due to being under the Triton App, Adam was Lexi's general.
  • In 9 Months Later, Adam becomes a magician.
  • Adam usually falls to Bree and Chase's pranks.
  • Adam worked as a janitor in tech town in Season 1 of Lab Rats; while Bree worked in tech. This is contrary to the real show where Chase works in tech and Bree has a low-paying job.
  • Adam's long-time girlfriend and the biological mother of his son Steve Holt was Paisley Houndstooth, who broke up with him in 2035 after Chase tried to win her over.
  • He later dated Jordan Storm and is implied to have feelings for Barry Wonder.


  • Super Strength
  • Heat Vision
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity
  • Blast Wave
  • Geo-leaping
  • Underwater Breathing

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